Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Journey Home

After nearly two years, I will shortly be boarding a plane to make my return trip to Canada (after a detour and long layover in Amsterdam). My adrenaline is running high at the moment – mostly from excitement to see friends and family again, but also due to the fact that it has been an extremely eventful last few days.

I’ve now moved out of Inverkeithing and have made a full-time return to living in Glasgow. This means I have committed to purchasing a car sometime in the New Year and start commuting. Currently I’m using a combination of bus, train and lifts from various generous workmates to get to and from work. It takes a long time, and it requires getting up very early. I’m very tired. The 3am rise to get to the airport tomorrow will not help.

I’ve had some serious ups and downs dealing with the British Work Permit and Immigration people. That will be a story for another day. Bottom line is that I will be back to Scotland in 2005 and able to work (eventually...).

I’ve attended my last UK concert for 2004. I went to see Morrissey again, this time at the SECC in Glasgow. I couldn’t resist – he’s the man.

I’m not packed so it will be a stressful scramble to get things sorted tonight. But it won’t be long before I’m sipping a pint of Keith’s and eating KD. It is going to be an eventful 20 days, and I can’t wait. See you on the other side of the ocean!