Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sometimes In The Fall

Autumn has always been my favourite season, despite (or because of?) the melancholy associated with it. You know, end of summer (which was especially good this year) and new beginnings (must be all those years of starting school in September). And the weather is ideal with a freshness in the air that requires the wearing of a jacket.

I can't quite believe how fast 2006 seems to be flying by. August especially. Managed to catch several events in Edinburgh during fringe season, including a wonderful play called Past Half Remembered and the Tattoo. A few concerts too including Editors, Metric, and the always awesome Maximo Park. The Dears opened for Editors and damn near upstaged them and can't wait to see them do their own show in October. I was also introduced to The Research who opened for Maximo Park. Loving this song in particular.

Congratulations to the MacMillans (first baby!), Sara (married!) and Andy (also married!).

Good results on this year's Great Scottish Run. Achieved my PB on the half-marathon (01:49:36) and Fi made it in under an hour in the 10K. Thinking about stepping up to the marathon in Edinburgh next year...

Over 10,000 page views? Thanks Mom!

And with most folk finishing off their holiday allocation, I feel like I'm just getting started. Off to France shortly and can't wait! Pain au chocolat s'il vous plait?