Saturday, January 20, 2007


I quite like the way the pics from Vigelandsparken turned out, so here are a few more. I'll take the high road and let you make your own shrinkage jokes!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wind, Rain, and 2007

Is it too late to say Happy New Year?

What a great bit of time off that was, but man did it ever go quickly. As for New Year's Eve, it is still the single most overrated day on the calendar. But I guess this time was amongst the better ones. Went out in Glasgow, and then caught Hot Chip and a DJ set at the Old Fruitmarket. Funny though - I've only been in Scotland for New Year's Eve twice, and just like last time the wind was so crazy that most of the events across the country were cancelled. Luckily ours was indoors, so it was all good. But I've never seen Glasgow city centre so dead in my life. They had expected at least 20,000 to George Square alone for the outdoor concert.

Also managed to make it over to Oslo, Norway for a few days beforehand. A great city, highly recommended. Very clean, very safe, very picturesque, and yes, very expensive. Spent the day soaking in the atmosphere and checking out the excellent museums, all broken up with trips to the top class coffeeshops found throughout the city. Turns out Norwegians spend their holiday time with family, so the nightlife was pretty quiet. But by asking the right questions, we found some brilliant wee restaurants and pubs off the beaten track. And they managed to recover Munch's recently stolen "Scream" so we were able to see that in person (which was very nice of them).

Oslo city centre. Good vibes. But baby, it's cold outside.

A 13th century stave church that was relocated to the wonderful open-air Norse Folk Museum, north of Oslo. Real viking ships in the museum next door too!

Probably the highlight of the trip - the enchanting (I don't use that word lightly!!!) Vigelandsparken which is a park full of sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. The sculptures were wonderful in their own right, but even more so arranged as they were throughout the park. The frost covering was the icing on the cake.