Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Metric @ The Barfly

One of the advantages of the UK music scene is that you can catch Canadian bands in much smaller venues than you could back home. Case in point: Metric in front of about 100 people.

It was my first time seeing them live, though I've heard all the stories.

And what can I say? I tried not to be seduced by the Emily Haines persona, but failed miserably. Brilliant.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Matter Of Time

Just had myself a great little weekend.

Ran my first 10K of the year. This was an especially nice one, through the woods and along the loch shore near the Trossachs town of Aberfoyle. Achieved my personal best time too.

The weather was gorgeous, and since we were up there anyway, Robbie and I decided to tackle Ben A'an which provides views like this one.

Caught the Scottish Cup Final in a wee pub in Callander. While it wasn't the ultimate fairytale ending, it was pretty close as Second Division Gretna lost in a penalty shoot-out to second place Premiership team Hearts. Exciting stuff, and that comes from a guy who would hardly win football fan of the year. Finished it all off with pints in Glasgow.

But the real capper came the next day. This was, for me anyway, a dream gig. First up, the aptly named Holy Fuck because that is exactly what we thought after witnessing their set. Insane energy, and impossible not to nod the head and tap the toes, regardless of how indie cool you try to be. Next up - Tahiti 80!!! This band from Rouen has been on high rotation for me since 2000, and was top of the list of bands I wanted to see live. I feared that ridiculously high expectations would ensure this was a letdown, but they did not disappoint - a fantastic 30 minute set of sweet pop melodies. Fingers crossed for a quick return, and not in a support role next time. And then the headliner, Buck 65. My love for Mr. 65 is well documented, and despite having seen him only two weeks before as part of the Triptych Festival, this was one of his finest sets yet. Lots of (amazing) new material, a good sample of the classics, and the banter was brilliant as always. Awesome night - I'm still buzzing despite a horrible rainy Monday.