Monday, November 12, 2007

The Hoosiers @ King Tuts

First clocked these guys during the summer. The music, vocals and lyrics were all such a breath of fresh air from the boring indie-rock clones that have been sprouting up this year.

We ended up getting tickets to see them at the relatively small King Tuts for a mere 6 quid. Since then, they've become pretty massive with two big singles and the album debuting at number one. They've already booked a new tour playing venues four times the size, so it was pretty cool getting to see them up-close now in what could be a "I saw them back when" moment. Pretty short set as they don't have much material as yet, but highly entertaining. You can't help but notice how much the lead singer looks like Ben Stiller on speed, and the drummer like Borat with long hair. As a reviewer said in the paper, these guys are going to be huge during festival season with their sing-a-long choruses.

Don't think they've worked their way over to Canada as yet, so for those who I haven't already sent this to, I present the brilliant Goodbye Mr A. This track will end up my most loved (and played, according to the iTunes count) song of 2007.

I've heard it said this track has a bit in common with Mr. Blue Sky by E.L.O. Chased down some of their classic stuff, and guess what, it's pretty bloody good!