Sunday, March 12, 2006

Let It Snow

Went out last night to catch The Feeling at King Tuts, a band who is doing a great job rehabilitating the credibility of soft rock. We caught a taxi home, and noticed that it had begun to flurry which was slightly unexpected. However, I certainly wasn't expecting to see this out the window when I awoke:

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Apparently about two hours after we got home, the accumulation was such that the transportation network across most of the country was shut down, and up to 3000 people were stranded in city centre Glasgow and had to be sheltered in hotels and the bus station. Clearly not a nation prepared for significant snowfall!

Without plows, most of the roads are still in no condition for vehicles. But who needs a vehicle? This is a day for a walk and a wee visit to the coffeeshop!

Around the neighbourhood
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Queen's Park
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Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm taking off my watch / I'm trying not to think about time

Right, and where did the last two months go? I was going to start this with Happy New Year, but I'm pretty sure it's past the stage where that is acceptable (despite being no formal cut-off point that I know of).

Looks like I'm not the only one not keeping up with their blogging?

So yeah, time flies and all that. As expected, the trip home was great. Wonderful to see everyone, though like last time there were several folk I didn't get to see (which means it has been nearly 4 years in some cases...). And yes, I can now say I've finally been to one of these:

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Fi and I decided to make much more of an effort to get onto mainland Europe this year (as lovely as this island is). As a result, first up is my longtime delayed trip to Prague. And then a bit of brainstorming to see what the summer will bring. I certainly think it's time for a return trip to France.

I've also got a few ideas for long-distance walks floating around in my head. I still fancy the idea of continuing my cross-Scotland walk (have now covered Glasgow to Inverness) but I recently was introduced to the Speyside Way (straight through some of Scotland's best whisky country) which would be a right treat. Shall see, but will definitely do something in May.

It's been a very eventful concert season thus far. A few highlights:
  • NME Tour: Arctic Monkeys were by far the buzz band, and yes they were good. But Maximo Park showed them all how it was done.
  • Hayseed Dixie: Classic rock covers done by a bluegrass band - brilliant.
  • The Cribs: Pure indie-pop magic. If you haven't, you need to get their two albums.
  • Broken Social Scene: Much like Arcade Fire, I needed to see the live show before I really appreciated the album. Simply fantastic - great crowd vibes.
  • Editors: Great tunes. Shame about the Chris Martin-esque posturing.
Managed to score T in the Park tickets this year - a lot of people didn't since Glastonbury is not on this year. Promising line-up.

Interested to see how Scotland's smoking ban will work out when it takes effect on the 26th of March. Unlike how it happened elsewhere, this isn't being phased in gradually. Hefty personal fines and the threat of alcohol licences not being renewed should ensure that it is taken seriously by pubs and punters alike. Well, it worked in Ireland! I've heard the arguments on both sides, but what it comes down to is that I can soon go into a pub and not have to worry about smelling like an ashtray when I leave which is good enough for me.

I recently noticed that the last of the Dark Tower series is finally out (after what, thirty years in the making?). I remember reading the first 4 (of 7) books many years ago. I've started re-reading the series from the beginning and much to my surprise am finding it is still a good read (in a switch off your brain before bed kind of way).

Got nabbed by a speed-cam. 60 quid fine - bugger.

It was Fi's 26th the other day, and had a fun little party chez nous. And a bit of this to polish off the night after far too many drinks. Geek-tastic.