Saturday, October 22, 2005


I guess blogging is like any other activity - sometimes you love it and sometimes you need a break from it. Lately I've found it to be a bit of a chore, not to mention that it is turning into a bit of Matt's "what concert have I been to lately" blog. And I think I was supposed to talk about Italy somewhere?

I've felt a bit lethargic lately. Maybe it's the weather? It took me unawares this year - blink and summer is gone and next thing you know it's dark all the time. And at the risk of sounding like every other Scot...but the bloody rain has been incessant. Maybe it's the early morning rise, it's a bit of a bummer. But I'm determined to give myself a good kick in the arse (or ass, depending on your preferred spelling and/or pronounciation). It is autumn after all. Rain or no, the leaves are colourful, it's a lovely crisp cool, and it smells wonderful. A few hours outside and you've earned your coffee and paper.

So what's new? I'm actually just killing time before I head off to the airport to pick up my cousin Bryan. His first time to the UK so he's in for a treat (I hope!). Wishing I had some holiday time left as I only have tomorrow and after-work time to see him. Weather is forecast to be extra rubbish, but last time I checked it doesn't rain in the pubs.

A few good gigs (yeah, I know) . The Magic Numbers in front of a white-hot Barrowlands audience. Their album is a bit twee, but they were great live. Sunny vibes. Also Tom Vek, a dude very hard to describe. Perhaps the best description I've heard is "dirty" which doesn't sound flattering but it really is. Try and track his stuff down, though the live experience was better than the recorded.

Really impressed by Arctic Monkeys, Maximo Park and Hard-Fi lately. Also digging the pop vibes of Tahiti 80 and Phoenix.

I've booked my flights back to Canada for another holiday visit. Really looking forward to catching up with everybody.

I'm now hearing better news about an old friend from Ottawa which is fantastic.

And see - I really did go! Me in St. Peter's Square:

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