Wednesday, December 27, 2006

There and Back Again

What a strange working month December has been. I'd managed to save up two weeks of holidays, so I've only had to work one week to earn a full month pay. Works for me.

Refreshed the Maple Syrup portion of H+MS with a teasingly short trip back home. Cheers to my cousin Ally and her new husband Simon for the invite to their wedding. It was a really good time, and provided a great reason to get all the family together for an occasion other than Christmas. Cheers to the Ottawa boys who were able to make it to Toronto on a Monday - good times. Cheers to Steve and Rachel for having us over to their new place - it was great to catch up and be introduced to the newest member of the MacMillan clan. And finally managed to meet up with Lisa and Randy for the first time since I first came to Scotland (nearly 5 bloody years...madness!).

I experienced my first Christmas in Scotland this year, which perhaps unsurprisingly is pretty much exactly like Christmas back home but with different accents. Some great eating and drinking at Fi's parents place. Though admittedly a bit nostalgic about being away from home.

2006 is not quite done yet! Off for a quick getaway, and then one more concert to send off the year. And then 2007 (my last year as a 20-something...!).