Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gastronomic Interlude

I've not intended to sample every animal in SE Asia during my time here. But (and with apologies to my vegetarian friends) I seem to have given it a good go nonetheless. In addition to goat, water buffalo and Vietnamese venison, the list photographed below was tackled last night at a great Khmer BBQ resto.

They didn't have snake on the menu though I was game. For the record, I've not entertained thoughts of dog, cat or rat though they are on the menu (at least on Vietnam and Laos). "But only local dogs and cats" I was reassured, so no Dalmatian for tea. I've also come across several sweet and savoury insect stands, including spider, aphid and grasshopper but wasn't drunk enough to brave it. Nor scorpion and snake wine (with a full scorpion and snake inside the bottle)? No chance.

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