Sunday, January 13, 2013

Temples of Angkor Day 2

Up really early today (4:30) in order to get down to Angkor Wat for sunrise. This complex is rightfully revered by the Cambodians (it appears on their flag) and watching its iconic silhouette appear out of the pitch black as the sun comes up was pretty spectacular. And after the sun rose, many sleepy tourists disappear giving you (relatively) a quiet few hours to explore before the masses and heat of the day arrive.

Also took in the temples in Angkor Thom which was the capital of the ancient Khmer empire. So many beautiful temples, each one distinctly unique. The Bayon was particularly incredible with its smiling faces, as was Ta Prohm where the jungle blends beautifully with the buildings (not seen it, but they filmed parts of Tomb Raider here).

And what to do after a day of temple hopping? A Cambodian massage of course! Even dunked my feet a fish massage pool (creepy) while drinking Angkor beer (tasty).

And thus ends the Cambodia portion of the trip. Up early again (shall sleep one day) and on a bus to Bangkok in the morning. Painfully aware of the impending end of this journey now!

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