Sunday, January 06, 2013

Long Day

When travelling, sometimes you have to accept the day will consist of just that - travel. Yesterday was an epic one - early rise, boat, then bus to the border. As it turned out, no bribery was required but an almighty long wait in no-mans land between borders until our passports were processed and the bus company figured out what was meant to happen. Then we boarded the SE Asian cliche bus, complete with overcrowding, broken air vents, and terrible music videos playing three songs on a loop. The road to the capital was very slow going, with the bumpiest roads yet and several high speed near-misses with cows. But all part of the experience. As the mantra goes, you do get to where you're going eventually so just gotta go with it. Managed to read half my book. And now in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Time to explore! From just an hour of hotel searching last night I can tell it will be intense (tuk-tuk sir?). Got my "no thank you" ready.

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