Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One Night in Bangkok

Writing this while trying to kill time in Dubai before the flight back to Scotland. Still quite can't believe this trip is just about done!

After a predictably shambolic journey from Siem Reap to Thailand, we had exactly 24 hours to experience Bangkok. What a shock to the system after the old world charm and relative quaintness of Cambodia. I hadn't fully appreciated how big this city is. By no means can you do it justice in one day, but crammed a lot in nonetheless!

Last night had a great Thai meal, explored the night market (had good fun bartering to get some new shoes) and gawk at the go go bars (duly impressed with the menus being waved in our faces listing services and acts which would be performed - even Amsterdam would blush). Capped it off with a drink on the 63rd floor of a hotel for vertigo inducing views of the city.

As the flight wasn't till 8pm, also crammed in the Grand Palace and the huge reclining Buddha in Wat Pho. Not a bad taster. Had really hoped to see much more of Thailand but 6 weeks, as long as it sounded in the planning stages, really does fly by.

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